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Connoisseur Organic Fair Trade Jasmine Rice 2kg


Ingredients : Organic Jasmine Rice


❑ One of the finest fragrant rice. Aromatic scent, and perfection in taste and tenderness
❑ Fair trade is introduced to help farmers to improve their community & lives.
❑ Additional 4.5% social premium is contributed by Chopsticks for community improvement.
❑ Cambodian Jasmine rice were adjudged world’s best in taste at the Competitive Rice Tasting event at the Rice Traders World Rice Conference for several consecutive years.

One bag of rice can change one person’s life. Each grain of rice contains care and hope. This bowl of rice improves the health of both ourselves and our land; it also gives us warmth. We thank each person who is eating this rice.
Connoisseur Cambodia Organic Fair Trade Fragrant Jasmine Rice is a collaboration between Chopsticks Company Limited and a Cambodia local NGO Cedac. Cedac is community based. In the past decade, after the civil war, Cedac helped rebuild communities, and promote organic farming as well as fair trade. As a result, not only do the farmers go back to their way of life, but they can also avoid damaging their own health as well as their land due to the use of pesticides.
This agricultural project spans all provinces of the nation. Executives from Chopsticks visited 3 of the provinces, familiarized themselves with the communities in the project and their fair trade practice. To Cambodian farmers, every grain of rice is a hope: that their children can get to receive an education; that they can live with their family on their own land, and that they can have a better life.



Nutrition Fact/ 營養價值 (Per100g/ 100)

Serving Per Container/ 本包裝含有食份數 20

Calories/ 熱量

355.6 Kcal/千卡

蛋白質/ Protein

7.6 g/

總脂肪/ Total Fat

0.39 g/

 飽和脂肪/ Saturated Fat

0.11 g/

 反式脂肪/ Trans Fat

0 g/

總碳水化合物/ Total Carbohydrates

80.4 g/

 膳食纖維/ Dietary Fibre

0.35 g/

 / Sugars


/ Sodium

0 mg/毫克



Connoisseur products are packed by licensed sheltered workshops.
A portion of proceed from all Cambodia Connoisseur products will be contributed to help expedite Cambodians get out of poverty.

Model: CRC0004
Manufacturer: Connoisseur
Place of Origin: Cambodia
Weight: 2 kg
Certificate: ECO CERT, Fair TSA
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