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Connoisseur Organic Fair Trade Ginger Chews


Ingredients: Organic Fair Trade Muscovado Sugar, organically grown Ginger, Gelling Agent(Carrageen), Glucose Syrup, Cane Sugar, Antioxidant(Citric Acid)



Not only are Ginger Chews a healthy snack,

but they can also soothe nausea caused by seasickness, morning sickness and pregnancy.


Ginger Chew producer PFTC is a member of World Fair Trade Organization.

By purchasing this product, together we are working towards improving the working and living conditions of our producers in developing countries and encouraging environmental protection.




Nutrition Fact/ 營養價值 (Per100g/ 每100克)
Serving Per Container/ 本包裝含有食份數 1

Calories/ 熱量

347.6 Kcal/卡路里

蛋白質/ Protein

0.3 g/克

總脂肪/ Total Fat

0 g/克

 飽和脂肪/ Saturated Fat

0 g/克

 反式脂肪/ Trans Fat

0 g/克

總碳水化合物/ Total Carbohydrates

86.6 g/

 糖/ Sugars

3.2 g/克

 膳食纖維/ Dietary Fibre

74 g/克

/ Sodium

0.4 mg/毫克


Connoisseur products are packed by licensed sheltered workshops.
A portion of proceed from all Cambodia Connoisseur products will be contributed to help expedite Cambodians get out of poverty.


Model: PSN0002
Manufacturer: Connoisseur
Place of Origin: Philippines
Weight: 100 g
Certificate: WFTO
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