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Benefits of Membership

Once you register with us you will automatically become a Basic Member. Membership has a number of valuable benefits.

Basic Member

You can begin accumulating our CRP (Chopsticks Rewards Points). You will earn one CRP for each HK$1 you spend.
You can check the status of your order.
You will receive a newsletter from us about promotional items and tips for healthy living.

Privileged Member
Once you have purchased to HK$1,000, your membership will be automatically upgraded to Privileged Member which brings further benefits.  You will receive 10% off the displayed price of all your purchases.

This privileged member discount only applies on the next purchase order. If your first order with us exceeds HK$1,000, you will receive the discount next time when you order.

Benefits of Privileged Member
Being Privileged Member can enjoy having discount in their birthday month, receiving birthday gift and loyalty rewards from us.

1. You will receive 10% off the displayed price of all your purchases.
2. You will receive a discount code send by us in your birthday month and by using that, you can have 15% off throughout the entire month.
3. You will also receive an Oxfam Unwrapped gift for your birthday. Oxfam Unwrapped is a very meaningful gift which helps people in need.  We will buy a gift with your name and you will receive a personalised card with an explanation on how the gift helps.  For more information, please visit

4. You can get our rewards gift for every $2000 purchased (excluded the first $1,000 when you have not yet upgraded to privileged member).  Simply, you will receive a rewards gift every time you have reached the following total: $3000, $5000, $7000 and so on.

Privileged membership will expire in 1 year. You can maintain your privileged membership by a total purchase of $3000 annually.

Points For Cash Scheme
Your CRP are valuable. Once you have accumulated CRP200 you can exchange those CRP200 for HK$1 in our Points For Cash scheme.

The more you spend the more you can save!

Chopsticks Rewards Points - CRP
CRP are earned at the rate of CRP1 for HK$1
CRP are earned on the final price paid, after discount excluding delivery and other charges.
If you want to use your CRP, simply enter the amount of CRP you want to use at the checkout page. CRP must be used in blocks of CRP200.

CRP are valid for one year (from the date you registered). All CRP will be cleared upon expiry date.
You can check your account profile online at anytime and your accumulated CRP.
Even if you use all of your CRP as cash we will remember you and you will retain your privileged member status.