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We are a group of people that are concerned about the health and general well-being of ourselves, our families our community and the environment.


We have noticed a lack of easily accessible information. Information regarding many issues relating to general health as well as focused on food and healthy eating matters is simply not easily found.


We have seen that there is a lack of choice in the food market for quality organic food.


We are people that, besides being dedicated to running Chopsticks, have families, one of us recently had a daughter and another of us has had a baby born to a close relative. Having a baby and bringing up a family isn't easy! We have first hand experience of this. But the lack of information to help us is simply shocking.


So... we want to make a difference!


In our small capacity and with our limited resources we have found a way that we hope will help us to achieve some improvements in the lives of those around us. The Internet.


Organic food is a worthy cause for our efforts and we endeavour to provide a way for the people in our community to get easy access to high quality healthy foods.


Besides providing access to good food we also aim to provide information on organic food, food safety and other general health issues. With a focus on food which is good for us, tasty and safe.


We have family so one of our goals is to provide information for parents-to-be as well as those that have a baby or young child in the family. We want to create a community for the parents among us that will enrich lives and bring learning and joy to all involved. We strongly believe that if we can have a healthy and happy start in life then our future will be better. Just like a building, a life needs to be built upon solid foundations.


We hope that we can educate our visitors about the benefits of eating healthily. We believe organic foods can bring real benefits to our diet and we aim to be able to provide access to real, high-quality organic products at a price which is fair and affordable. Besides being good for us, organic foods are produced in ways that are environmentally friendly. By being free of chemicals and by using sustainable farming methods we can eat in a way which is good for us and the earth.


We are pleased that you are here. We want you to spend time at our website. Not just buying great food but learning and understanding about the things that are important for our bodies and families. Here you will find extensive information on a whole range of different subjects. If you want to find out more, go to the forums where we can discuss things openly or you can send us an email.


So, whatever your purpose here today, we hope you find what you are looking for. If you are here to find out more about organic food and what the term means we are sure you will find the information you need. And when you are convinced that organic food is worth a try then head-over to our product listings and see what takes your fancy. We will deliver it to you and you can be enjoying good healthy food in the comfort of your own home!


Our Aims

Educate & publicize the benefits of organic food and the importance of food safety.


Educate and inform

  • Make organic food available and more easily accessible to people at a fair price.
  • Help people to identify "quality" organic food - real & certified.
  • Be a good employer. We want our employees to be proud of themselves, the jobs they do and the company they are part of.
  • We will do what we can to promote health and safety - of ourselves, our employees, our families and the home we live in.

Our business - Wholesale 
If you are individual store, supermarket, restaurant or catering service, you may contact us at or 3421 1455.


Why are we called Chopsticks (Xi Kuai)?
Chopsticks represent Chinese culture and tradition, and also reflect our Chinese origin and the importance of food to us. Food and Chinese culture are inseparable. We Chinese are very particular about our food – the quality of the ingredients, how it is cooked, as well as what to eat to improve our health. Chopsticks extends the essence of that - the quest and insistence for better quality food.

Food is a vital part of family and social life. This is one of the important inspirations for Chopsticks. Hei Fai (Xi Kuai) is a common thing to say to call everyone to begin eating the meal. We changed the Hei (Xi) from meaning "up" to "happiness" to reveal the company culture. In Cantonese, "up" and "happiness" are pronounced the same while in Mandarin, they are assonant. Chopsticks is a group of happy and passionate people. We want to deliver the happiness to everyone we get in touch with. By means of healthy and delicious food to share the joy and satisfaction of a good meal. Using Hei Fai (Xi Kuai) as our company name reflects our nature of pursuing betterment. We are not satisfied with just being good. We are aiming for excellence! Not only do we make a demand for food quality, but also we value and hold a sense of responsibility for our family, friends, culture and environment.

The logo - The Exclamation Maker
The Chopsticks logo is a modified exclamation mark. The dot is a man viewed from above. He is working and creating some amazing things. He is the Exclamation Maker. That is who we, as a company, aim to be. Aiming to creating extraordinary things. Bringing to our customers a sense of excitement and surprise. Creating a Wow! through the products and service we bring.