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I  found two life changing things on the web recently. Two things that have changed the way I do two simple things : shopping and using the toilet.

Let me tell you about them.

The first was from a Time magazine article. The subject was Heroes of the Environment and this particular heroine is Annie Leonard and her Story of Stuff. I want you to go to the Story of Stuff website and watch her short film. I want you to send it to all your relatives, friends and colleagues. I want that video to change the lives of everyone who watches it. Just as it has done to me.
Chopsticks is changing too. We are moving office soon. As we don't have any furniture we will have to buy almost all the furniture. We will need a whole bunch of chairs, desks, cabinets and other stuff. It is our aim to get as much as possible from second-hand sources. I went to one of the stores in Kwun Tong recently. The volume of stuff there is shocking. I can imagine that without companies like ours willing to buy a second-hand chair that chair and a hundred like it might just end up in a landfill. No wonder Hong Kong landfills are almost full.

The other life changing item was a news article about a study conducted in the UK on the hands of travellers on the public transport network. Basically they tested hands for the presence of fecal bacteria. A disgusting thing but the results were enough to make sure I use soap and water to wash my hands everytime I use the toilet. I think you should too.