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Champion Brown Rice

Champion Rice is grown by Mr Lin Long-Shan, he is nicknamed “rice god” and the winner of the Third Taiwan Rice Championship, and his rice is known for its crystalline and rotund granule. Mr Lin has farmed in the rice fields of the Amis Aborigines in the Chih Shang Township for 31 years. He has happily inherited the symbiotic spirit of the Amis people to embrace and thrive with the surrounding nature, and has tended to his rice with care and concern. He has cherished the gift of the abundant earth, thus bringing forth this sensational quality rice.


Ingredients: Brown rice 


Nutrition Fact/ 營養價值 (Per100g/ 每100克)

Calories/ 熱量

360 Kcal/卡路里

蛋白質/ Protein

6.4 g/克

總脂肪/ Total Fat

2.4 g/克

  飽和脂肪/ Saturated Fat

0.4 g/克

  反式脂肪/ Trans Fat

0 g/克

總碳水化合物/ Total Carbohydrate

78.3 g/克

  膳食纖維/ Dietary Fibre

2.4 g/克

  糖/ Sugars

0.77 g/克

/ Sodium

1 mg/毫克



Model: TRC0009
Manufacturer: Chen Shie He
Place of Origin: Taiwan
Weight: 2000 g
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