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Earth 殺菌家居清潔液 1L



Earth Antiseptic Household cleaning
Ingredients: water, upcycled oil, tea tree essential oil


Earth by Bella Sapone Upcycling Oil Liquid Soap Series
Firstly launch in this Pandemic. Protect your love ones and Mother Earth

Our daily lives are tied to The Earth. As significant as our lifestyle, to small details of the day: our cleaning products, everything contribute towards the wellbeing of our Earth. Our Earth was wearing her face mask even before the pandemic. So, can we cure our spending habit, do we have greener choices

Waste Cooking Oil is a major waste from restaurants and the food-processing industry. We produce up to 16,000 metric tons of Waste Cooking Oil. However, we can give the oil a second life, upcycling and create zero waste. Earth by Bella Sapone is a new series and a new brand, we collect upcycling oil and turn them into liquid soap.

Our latest releases are soaps every home need. They are antiseptic household soap and antiseptic tea-tree hand soap. Based around upcycling oil, we will continue to release a series of natural soaps. These soaps are made from Waste Cooking Oil collected in our community, and then are used by people in our own community; we call this Close-loop Recycling. We only use natural ingredient to make the soap, so we don't harm our Earth, our Sea and People. The choice of oil affects the soap produced, so Bella Sapone, in collaboration with Chopsticks Company Limited, collect Upcycling Oil from partnering restaurants; in this instance we also monitor the quality of the oil. We don't use palm oil, being rainforest-friendly. Tea-tree essential oil is added to the soap, which is lab-tested to have a 99.99% antiseptic quality.




Earth by Bella Sapone
Founded in 2008, Bella Sapone ensures that all products are all-natural. They are palm-oil free, with no additives. We make our products with our heart and with love, with efforts to make a better Earth and a better community. This has not changed.

We acquired these exclusive bottles for this offer from a closed soy food factory, thus saving their fate of ending up in the landfills. The bottles are of premium quality. Please use them well. We suggest you take them to the store to buy refill.


Model: HUOS02
Manufacturer: Earth
Place of Origin: Hong Kong
Weight: 1 LT
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