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Connoisseur Organic Fair Trade Ground Ginger

Organic Fair Trade Ground Ginger has intense flavor of ginger and best suits for making desserts and beverages. 


Ingredients : Ginger from organic farming.


Nutrition Facts/ 營養成份

Per 100g/ 100


335 Kcal/

Protein/ 蛋白質

8.98 g/公克

Total Fat/ 總脂肪

4.24 g/公克

 Saturated Fat/ 飽和脂肪

2.6 g/公克

 Trans Fat/反式脂肪

0 g/公克

Total Carbohydrates/ 總碳水化合物

71.62 g/公克

 Dietary Fibre/ 膳食纖維

14.1 g/公克


3.39 g/公克

Sodium /

27 mg/毫克


About Fairtrade Products


This is a Fairtrade product and the member of WFTO (World Fair Trade Organization). This means that the product complies with the international fair-trade standards. By purchasing this product, together we are working towards improving the working and living conditions of our producers in developing countries and encouraging environmental protection.


Fairtrade ensures that a fair price is paid to producers that enable them to improve their lives and work towards their economic stability.


More about Fair Trade

Model: CSG0005
Manufacturer: Connoisseur
Place of Origin: Cambodia
Weight: 30 g
Certificate: Member of WFTO