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Rich Year Farm Organic Jew's Ear

Originated from Puli, Taiwan, the organic Jew's ear is guaranteed to be of high quality.


Ingredients: Organic Jew's Ear


Benefits to health 

Jew’s ear (Auricularia auricula-judae) has a high nutrition value that it contains eight essential amino acids (the basic unit of protein) the human body needs, and a high level of dietary fibres, vitamins, iron and calcium. It also contains abundant collagen that helps soothe the digestive system, that it clears the intestines, soothes the lungs, reduces blood clots and thrombosis, and soothes atheorosclerosis. The polysaccharides in the Jew’s ear can suppress tumour activity, making it have certain effect in preventing the growth of tumour.

Jew’s ear is low in purine so it does not increase the uric acid in the human body. Patients with gout can consume it safely.


Model: TGC0005
Manufacturer: Rich Year Farm
Place of Origin: Taiwan
Weight: 200 g
Certificate: TOAF
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