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Wei Jung Organic Miso Chili Sauce

Made from organic beans and chili this sauce has a strong and spicy flavour. Serve it with rice or noodles or any other dishes.

Ingredients: MOA organic chili, OCIA organic soy beans, MOA organic rice, black sesame oil, brown sugar, natural sea salt, olive oil

Contain soyabean


Nutrition Fact/ 營養價值 (Per30g/ 30)

Serving Per Container/ 本包裝含有食份數 10

Calories/ 熱量

99.3 Kcal/千卡

蛋白質/ Protein

2.4 g/

總脂肪/ Total Fat

3.3 g/

  飽和脂肪/ Saturated Fat

0 g/

  反式脂肪/ Trans Fat

0 g/

總碳水化合物/ Total Carbohydrates

15 g/

  膳食纖維/ Dietary Fibre

0 g/

  / Sugars

2.6 g/

/ Sodium

783 mg/毫克


Model: TSG0013
Manufacturer: Wei Jung
Place of Origin: Taiwan
Weight: 315 g
Certificate: MOA,OCIA
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