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Oneness is a joint volunteer effort of different individuals, artists of many different disciplines and organisations including many Green Living organizations. Through this charity music show and bazaar, we target to raise funds for building 60 bamboo temporary houses.

The earthquake in Nepal in last April, at a magnitude of 8.1, destroyed nearly 90% of the buildings in Kathmandu, the epicenter, and killed close to 10 thousand people.

Outside Kathmandu, the earthquake almost destroyed the entire villages of Patlekhet and Gundu. Houses collapsed or were seriously destroyed. The two organisations we are racing to help are Hasera Farm, located inside Patlekhet, which promotes Permaculture education in Nepal, and Dharti Mata Sustainable Workshop, in Gundu, where villagers work with organic shop Kheti Bazaar in forest restoration and promoting sustainable farming. At the moment, villagers have nothing safe to live in except temporary shelters.

Although the Nepal government directly oversee international aid funds and donations, it is still unclear whether the needed money would reach specific victims.

Dharti Mata Sustainable Workshop and Kheti Bazaar wish all the funds raised can go directly into victims' hands. They have worked out what to rebuild, looked at their actual needs, while, at the same time pay specific respect to the value of harmony with nature and sustainable development. They plan to rebuild the 2 villages in 2 years, beginning with safe and comfortable temporary houses which villagers can live in for 1 to 2 years, while subsequently rebuilding permanent houses. For the temporary houses, they have identified a cost-effective method using bamboo. After the permanent homes are built, existing temporary homes would be used for food storage or animal shelters. After the permanent homes are built, existing temporary homes would be used for food storage or animal shelters.

Oneness and Dharti Mata Sustainable Workshop and Kheti Bazaar together have the same belief. We all believe in sustainability and independence. While helping the others, we are also protecting our home and land. Only through sustainable rebuilding can our lives be sustainable. Close or apart, we are one.

We are not deducting any cost. All the income will be donated. Please come and support.

To ensure transparency, Dharti Mata Sustainable Workshop would update their news and funding use on their Facebook page every 2 weeks. Nepal earthquake rebuilding Facebook page:

Date: Jun 26, 2015 (Fri) Venue: Hang Out, 2 Holy Cross Path, Sai Wan Ho, HK

Charity sales: 12:00-5:00pm Fair ticket (onsite purchase): $50 (The ticket can redeem to cash coupon for any purchase on site. People who have show ticket is free to enter the fair.)

Charity music show: 5:30pm - 11:00pm Music show ticket fee: $250 per head

All the income will be donated without deducting any cost.
Charity music show ticket purchase method

1. Purchase at door:

2. Pre-order ticket:

* Register online at * Please transfer the amount only when you received confirmation email from us. (Hang Sang Bank account:260 0 032789). Email the receipt to . * We'll send you the confirmation email with ticket number. Please show your email or tell us the ticket number and your name when coming for the show.

3. Purchase at the following locations: (available from Jun 13 onwards)

- Lively Life Opening Hour: 12:00 - 20:00 (MON to SUN) Address: ShopL1-02, Level1, JCCAC, 30 Pak Tin Street, Shek Kip Mei Phone: 5542 3204

- Mapopo Community Farm Opening hour: 14:00 - 18:00 (WED) / 11:00 - 18:00 (SUN) Address: Ma Shi Po Village, Fanling Direction: Phone: 9724 3519 (Zoey)

- Connoisseur Groceries Opening Hour: 10:00 – 19:00 (MON to SAT) Address: NM131, 1/F, Bowrington Road Market (North Block), Wan Chai Phone: 6701 1063

Sustainable Mini Charity Sales Market
(All sales from the fair will donate entirely without deducting any cost)

All organisations listed in no particular order:

Dream Walker: Handmade gemstone accessories and white sage.

Hebe Law: Handcrafted artisanal leather goods.

Africa Penguin: Specialized in making the whiskey of coffee by cold brew process, which extract the essence from coffee. You should try the ‘Iced Whiskey of Coffee’ in this hot summer!

Moss Terrarium: Each terrarium is designed for the indoor greening. These trendy glass terrariums represent the sustaining life.

Zoe Tam: Local handmade skin care

Tracy, Idy@ Flower forest: Fresh flowers are used to produce unique and elegant jewelries, which captures the most beautiful moment of flowers.

Fanny Tang: A Hong Kong artist born in the Republic of Nauru. She and her students donated their ceramic works for charity. Come and take their artworks to home in an affordable price!

Atelier Couleurs: Staring from a thread, each unique fabric is weaved with care. Apart from that, there will be looms for you to experience the joy in weaving.

Mapopo Community Farm Food Stall: Hand-made delicious organic food made with care by local farmers.

Shotgun Politics
Psyc Lover
Qiu Hong
Nepalese band Now and Awakened (aka The InnerCore)
Arthur Urquiola
per se
Stranded Whale
Prune Deer

LEE KAI HO mini photo exhibition (

Lee Kai Ho went to Nepal in March for business, and, while there, took a series of photographs. Through the lens, he gained profound experiences from the people and happenings. One month afterwards, news of the Earthquake hit him with mixed emotions. Thereafter, he decided to share captured images of Nepal, and, through the charity sales of the photos, also give a helping hand to his Nepalese friends.

Groups we are donating the money to:

1. Dharti Mata Sustainable Workshop]
2. Kheti Bazaar

Venue & Sound production Sponsor/ 場地及音響製作贊助:
Youth Outreach & AS production


Stand News 立場新聞
Bunny Warren


Hong Kong Fringe Club 藝穗會
So Soap! 區區肥皂
喜居生活 Lively Life
鄉土學社 SoIL
Kattie Chan

All bands, booths participants, groups or individual who help to make this happen.

Oneness 團隊:

CoDesign / CoLAB、馬寶寶社區農場、喜筷 Chopsticks, 麥精, 林女, 鄭子楓, Tracy Wan, 細孖康, Boey Wu, Steve Lee, Wincy Chung , Ricemove
Addtional Images
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