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Pasta is a great versatile yet simple food. Cooking pasta is easy although some might find it tricky. Here are a few tips.

Assume around 4oz / 100g of uncooked pasta per person. Use less if serving as a starter or sidedish.

Bring a big pot of water to the boil. Use plenty of water, enough to ensure pasta is well covered. When the water is rapidly boiling add a big pinch of salt and then add your pasta. Cook for 7-12 minutes. Cook until Al Dente - that is until the pasta is tender but not over soft with some 'bite'.

Drain and prepare for serving.

Look on the package which will normally give a guide on how long to cook.

You can serve your pasta with a sauce.  If you want to cook a quick one, you cmix it with our ready to eat sauce.  There are quite a few varieties. 


You can also make a refreshing salad.  Throw in some of the beans you cooked from my other posting, some chopped fresh vegetables like cucumber, peppers and sweetcorn. Perfect for a side dish at a summer bbq!

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