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Let me tell you what I had for breakfast the other morning.

Toast and butter.
Real butter, the kind that comes from cows. ‘Cow oil’ as the Cantonese literally calls it. I had slices of butter as it was too cold to get on my knife to spread. Toast with slices of butter. It was lovely! Real butter really does taste good.
But I guess you might not approve of real butter, certainly many health professionals would shake their heads. Think of the saturated fat content! Consider the affect on your heart! "Why not use margarine?" they and you may ask?

For me butter has a distinct advantage over margarine. It is food. Real food. Food that is made in a kitchen not a laboratory. Have you looked at the ingredients of a tub of margarine? You need to have a degree in chemistry to know what it contains!
I want to eat food that I could make at home. Give me some milk or cream (and lots of time) and I could make butter. Add a little salt and it will be the same as I get from my local Wellcome or Park n Shop. What would I need to recreate margarine at home? I'd better go to the HKU labs instead.

For me that is an important general principle when I choose what I eat. When I'm in the store with my wife, we look at the ingredients label - yes we actually look at that tiny label. If it gives us a puzzled look of 'huh?' then we will try to find another choice. After all, if we are going to eat it, I'd like to know what it is.

Of course there are compromises we make. Sometimes we choose not by the ingredients label but the taste of what we have tried and enjoyed. Or the look of a product, and yes, sometimes the price. But the ingredients label plays an important part it our selection process.
Shouldn't it play a role for you as well?


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Ida Wong
23, May 2008
Yes after all we know margarine is not good. It's the source of trans fat which is even worse that saturated fat. It tells us that we human don't really know a lots of things. We always "invented" food that we believe are good for us and harmless. After a while, we proved ourselves wrong again and again. How much do we know about the nature? Do you believe that we really can "manage" it? It's an important choice to make whether to eat something real or something synthesized.
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